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The Sound Choice

We are building the next generation of drummers globally while fostering the incredible health bennefits gennerated from playing acoustic drums.





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The Original


Acclaimed for their " naturally EQ'ed sound". 


Featured Product


Leaders Choice Snare Series

Because there is no one size fits all, we taylor modern acoustics with timeless appeal to best meet the artist taste.


In-House Metal Series

Meeting the demands of the modern drummer with handrolled metal snare drums. 


Mahogany w/ Matching Maple Hoop

Classic tone of yesteryear built to meet the demands of the modern drummer. 


EQ Series 

The EQ- Series incorperates a "Post EQ" approach to bridge the gap between artist and audio engineere.

Worth one's SALT

"Since the Band's creation we have been looking for ways to improve our show and adding a Kick Drum has always been something we've wanted to do. Thanks to our friend Shawn Ryan, at Salt Drums in California, we've finally found a way to make it possible. With his expertise we we're able to design The Ultimate Busking Kit which has taken our show to the next level."

"I was so impressed with his drums that I had him custom make me a full Aluminum drum kit to my exact specifications.
The drums exceeded my expectations and consider them a museum piece as the quality, sound and build are flawless.
Shawn, in my humble opinion is the best drum builder, as well as a heck of a nice guy."

"I currently own 6 snare drums, and my custom SALT snare is the pinnacle of my collection. Shawn worked closely with me to design the optimal snare for my drumming needs. The outcome was a craftsman's masterpiece. From it's versatility to it's look, I couldn't be more pleased with my SALT 


SALT is please to supply clients with name brand accesories & complete drum packages. 

The Sound Choice

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Salt Drums
P.O. Box #6149 
Fullerton, CA 92834


Phone: +1 (805) 387-DRUM

The Sound Choice

SALT empowers you to take the lead, colaborate with others, and beat drums to make more than noise. More than a campaign or a movement, we are using sound to become sound.