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"Regardless of label & legality, the drummer is the authority on the throne leading melody, lyric, & audience. It is my pleasure to equip these leaders with the tools to spread the many benefits of music throughout the globe, It's a labor of love."

God Bless,
Shawn Ryan
Salt Drums

The Brass Badge

Each SALT badge is hand stamped, rolled & polished from solid brass plate. Each drum receives a numerical #, however as a curtesy, up to 9 characters of custom text can be added for a personalized touch. We place the clients name above our own as our  commitment to serving others, we value drummers. 


"In acient times salt was a valued comoady, used in trade & shared amongst friends."


While sounds can be subjective, we believe quality sonic’s are key to the success of reaching the audience.


Music is both an art and a science. It is our pleasure to encourage right-brain expression with SALT products.


While we ultlize Classic Craftsmanship, we are a forward thinking brand who leads with an out of the boat approach.


Music is both an art and a science. It is our joy to create & intergrade these rhythmic systems to encourage left-brain stimulation. 



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Tom Tom Snare Review

"It's more than skin deep."

Currently drummers are restricted to shaping drum attack through drum head, dampening, & stick selection. When we design your drums, we alter the other three elements of the envelope to "produce" your sound; this approach creates an efficent experience not only the artist but the band & those in the audience.


Simular to how we breakdown a sentence into words & words into letters, we can also break down music into sounds waves. The sound waves are then measured in 4 main sections, commonly referred to as an envelope or A.D.S.R.


When you first strike a drum, the Attack refers to the time it takes for your sound to go from silent to the loudest level.  


The Decay time controls how long it takes for your sound to go from the peak of attack to the sustain level.



Sustain refers to the level during the main sequence of your sound. This is the moment when shell, heads, & hardware are most engaged; drummers often refer to this as tone, color, or timber. 


 Release controls how long it takes your sound to return to silence after the sustain cycle.