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The BusKING™
by SALT℠

The personolized 21st centry Trap Kit. 

If you travel by Airbus® or breakaway from the tour bus, the traditional two head design both packs well & packs a punch. Enginered like the bones of a bird & handcrafted from quality USA materials, the BusKING™ is the drummers "grab-n-go" soultion for the fly date, local, one off, corporate, & more!

"It's nolonger a question of what backline am I going to play on, but where are we going to play?!"

THE PHLY BOYZ simply wanted a bassdrum, we ended up changing how drums travel. It's more than meets the eye, The BusKING™ is an "all in one" travel soultion.

Changing the game by providing convienience to both the artist, tour manager & those hiring you for the fly date. 

When heard acapella or miced up down stage center for that a epic balled, the BusKING™ delivers. 


 Durable coating to hold up the elements; the cold of the artic, the heat of the desert, & the houmity of the tropics. 

Humes & Berg USA case is equipt with industrial casters and metal pull handle.

Sustain The Elements

SALT℠ set's the tempo in tone & durability with American-Made design, material & craftsmanship. Weather in the freezing cold the desert heat, or the humid tropics, each BusKING™ is built to take a beating.


Soneva Fushi




Soneva Fushi


Torino, France

How to Get Started

Take It Further

Contact Me

With over 35 options we can personolize each busking kit to suit your show!
Contact me by phone or email & lets see how if I can help you personolize your BusKING™ outfit.

American Made

Ill get to work desiging your personolized drums. Drums ship worldwide! 
*subject to import/custom fees. 


Get out and play with confidence! 


gerund or present participle: busking

Play music or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or in subways.

"the group began by busking on Philadelphia sidewalks"

Be the SALT, be a light.

SALT empowers you to take the lead, colaborate with others, and beat drums to make more than noise. More than a campaign or a movement, we are using sound to become sound.


Email: shawn@saltdrums.com
Phone: (805) 387-DRUM



Salt Drums #6149
1350 E. Chapman Ave.
Fullerton, Ca 92834-6149