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We march to the beat of a differnt drum.

Because there is no one size fits all, a bottom up approach has formed & it is making more than noise. At SALT we "produce" personolized product by altering the sound, look, & feel, to best suit your taste.


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Hey. Shawn here.

I am a dude. A dude that happens to live in California, that make's drums, so that people might experience self discovery through sound.

Since I first cradled into a booming bass drum I have been fllowing my passion for music. I was introduced to drum building through a passionate educator and later landed a job with the world’s largest drum shell supplier. Not only did I learn to provide genuine service, but a few of my products & design work made way into the core of leading brands, on the NAMM floor, & pounded on by a few industry heavy hitters.

SALT products are designed and made with a small footprint, high quality process (in my garage) without compromising performance or esthetics. Function and progression are essential. I'm not only selling my own products, I'm also looking to hear your thoughts, ideas & opportunity’s.

I'd like to share my work creations as well as self-reflective thoughts that pertain to drumming & what that sounds like in our lives.


Snare Drums

The BusKING™

Take Music Further

The flight friendly 21st centry Trap Kit.

Proprietary Musical Drum Shells

EQ-Shells™ by SALT


"Since the Band's creation we have been looking for ways to improve our show and adding a Kick Drum has always been something we've wanted to do. Thanks to our friend Shawn Ryan, at Salt Drums in California, we've finally found a way to make it possible. With his expertise we we're able to design The Ultimate Busking Kit which has taken our show to the next level."

"I was so impressed with his drums that I had him custom make me a full Aluminum drum kit to my exact specifications.
The drums exceeded my expectations and consider them a museum piece as the quality, sound and build are flawless.
Shawn, in my humble opinion is the best drum builder, as well as a heck of a nice guy."

"I currently own 6 snare drums, and my custom SALT snare is the pinnacle of my collection. Shawn worked closely with me to design the optimal snare for my drumming needs. The outcome was a craftsman's masterpiece. From it's versatility to it's look, I couldn't be more pleased with my SALT 

How to Get Started

American-Made tools, built for good works.

Schedule a free consultation

SALT custom-builds all drums according to your personal needs. In order to provide accurate Snare and Kit pricing, we will first discuss your drum needs before we can provide you with pricing information.


Be the SALT, be a light.

SALT empowers you to take the lead, colaborate with others, and beat drums to make more than noise. More than a campaign or a movement, we are using sound to become sound.


Phone: (805) 387-DRUM