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x Birch x Maple x Hybrid x
After much trial and error, we found gravity to work better than any hydrolic system. The unique service allows the creation of 10ply-30ply custom liminate shells to set you appart in tone, look & feel.


Avaiable in a slue of finish options from classic to modern, I am here to partner & serve the vision.
$ Show Room Custom
$ Celluloid
$ Natural Satin
$ Classic Laminate


onglasting tone & durability in standard and custom sizes.
-Diecast Hoops
-Trick GS007
-Tube Lugs


Avaiable in over 140 various combonations from 10 to 30ply in a range of depth.

Diameter 10"-14"


How to Get Started

American-made tools, built for good works.

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SALT custom-builds all drums according to your personal needs. In order to provide accurate Snare and Kit pricing, we will first discuss your drum needs before we can provide you with pricing information.


Salt Drums
P.O. Box #6149 
Fullerton, CA 92834


Phone: +1 (805) 387-DRUM

Be the SALT, be a light.

SALT empowers you to take the lead, colaborate with others, and beat drums to make more than noise. More than a campaign or a movement, we are using sound to become sound.