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The Producers Journey

"People often have a hard time getting to know us instrument makers as we value our personal space, however I too put on pants one leg at a time when required. Besides focusing energy on product & systems design, I am passionate about playing music, the outdoors, education, social change and contributing to community. I feel fortunate to play a role in the music industry and "exchange souls" with so many around the globe as my passion has become a way of life, I am blessed." 

First Sounds

 Ryan's older brothers were into Ska and one day an old white drum set magically appeared at their house.  He was so excited he latterly climbed inside of the base drum while they rehearsed. He had no idea why it gave him goose bumps but it was then that he discovered there was more to life than what we can see. 

Thankfully Ryan's mother enrolled him into an afterschool program where he showed up weekley with his poser pack [you know the one with stick, pad, snare, & stand stuffed into a backpack case]. It was there  Ryan was first exposed to basic of concert style drumming, music reading, and goofing around in the back with other drummers.  

Music was a staple in the Ryan household as his father exposed the famialy to multiple style.  Ryan's first concert was hearing Weird Al Yankovic performed live in Los Angeles.


Suburban Drumming

As unsupervised teens in Orange County Ryan & friends often avoided malls, Disneyland, & team sports. They were the misfits who tried to sneak into NAMM, caught the surf before school, explore abandon buildings, and often skated & built ramps.  At one point the boys started manufacturing there own skate wax and began supplying local skate shops.    

Throughout school Ryan struggled with a visual spatial deficit, often failing anything that did not involve music or shop. Much like the other misfits in band, he had low self-esteemed & struggled to cope with the OCD they did not know they had. It was the intervention of Mike Alarcon who brought the stability of the metronome, a place of acceptance & a purpose to finishing high school. One day Mike handed Ryan a raw drum hoop and asked if he wanted to paint it (pictured). It was this simple opportunity which sparked a new passion in Ryan, God rest his soul.  

Much like other teens he was often found at the local music shop trying new gear and playing the electronic drum kits. The drum guy Sal Cannavo caught wind he was altering drums & asked him to bring them in. Sal became much more than a salesman as he began schooling Ryan on differnt bearing edges, finishing technique, and the physics of how drums really worked, God rest his soul. 


Hard Knocks

Ryan soon discovered the world’s largest supplier of drum shells was right in his backyard and spending his savings to build a snare eventually turned into a full-time job. It was there Ryan flourished & honed the precision wood skills to provide product to major manufactures, pros, & hobbies all over the world. A regular named Roger (Battlefield Drums) often stopped in to pick up drum shells & despite lifes up's and downs he always had a peaceful presence greeting Ryan with a smile and the phrase "I am Blessed".  

Throughout his employment, he played up & down Southern California with friends and side projects however life lacked stability & the comradery the drumline once provided. He began passively commiting suicide with the “rock star" lifestyle by developing a daily dependence on drug use.  Despite feeling incontroll of the habbit, a few brushes with fate confronted his denial and he soon relised he needed to seek help.

Ryan was never one to go to church however push came to shove as he burnt every bridged and rejected all those who cared before seeking help through the Dream Center. It was a structured envirment where he began reading the bible daily and confronting character defects he did not know he had. Through the grace of God & support of community he was able to break free of addiction and aquire an inner peace, much like Roger. He continued to develop leadership skills while working with "at risk" youth in residential, education, juvenile dentation & wilderness therapy programs before leaving the Dream Center. 


The Present

After a six-year journey in ministry he wanted to pursue his own dreams of attending college.  He bounced around from mechanical engineering to business before committing to an Audio Engineering major in Fullerton Ca.  

SALT proves to be a dark horse as Ryan's approach to R&D, manufacturing, business, & marketing shine in the ever shifting market of music.

Ryan's desire is to use music to inspire people to grow into their own potential, be it a drummer or not. Simular to the stability of the metronome, we believe daily reading of the bible and the support of community, people will reach that personal potential. If you would like a free bible or care to connect with Ryan to share your personal journey, love & hate mail can be sent to  


Behind the Name
SALT | Orange County, California

"I was building drums for friends & playing various charity gigs in Los Angeles, I was a very arrogant & insecure player. I later had an aha moment while eating at In-N-Out, realizing my role is to serve the music while striving to bring out the best in those I come in contact with, much like salt to a meal."
- Shawn R.


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