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Vintage & Modern

Ship your drums or visit by apointment in Orange County, California.


Listed below are common services requested. 
Don't see something you need, drop a line.

  • Dent Removal - Metal fab, dent removal, polish and clear coats. 
  • Edges - Precision cut to enhance any drum's quality & tunability.
  • Re-Wraping -  Choose from: pearls, sparkles, satin, glass glitter, & solids.
  • De-Lamanation - Bearing Edge resteration & shell bubbeling repair.  
  • Tapping/ Threading - Tapping & or Threading service on lugs, throw off's, mounts, ect. 
  • Drilling -  Acrylic, wood, & metal drilling of lugs, spurs, badges, mounts, & strainers is an option.

How it Works

Simple & easy to get your gear back in the rig. 

  1. Contact & Quote - Please contact supplying pictures of damage along with desired outcome. If avaiable please include Make & Modle along with what happended to cause the damage. A ballpark estimate will be provided prior to you sending the drum(s). Contact now! 
  2. Pack & Ship - Pack and ship the drum to our PO. Box for a final hands on assement. You will receive conformation along with "Before" pictures documenting the damage & estimated timeline of the referbish. Replacement parts, if avaiable can be supplied along with the repair.   
  3. Repair & Return- While each project is differnt, most repairs are back out the door withinin 14-21 business days.

Ship to: 

P.O. BOX 6149 
1350 E. Chapman Ave.
FULLERTON, CA 92834-6149

Behind the Name
SALT | Orange County, California

"I was building drums for friends & playing various charity gigs in Los Angeles, I was a very arrogant & insecure player. I later had an aha moment while eating at In-N-Out, realizing my role is to serve the music while striving to bring out the best in those I come in contact with, much like salt to a meal."
- Shawn R.


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