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Compact & portable, the traditional two head design both packs well & packs a punch.  Designed light like the bones of a bird & handcrafted from quality USA materials, SALT travel kits are an all in one designed for the frequent flyer, buskers, & those in music therapy.  

"It's no longer a question of what am I going to play on, but where are we going to play"

What if there were travel kits that could do just that? What if they were just small enough to be travel-friendly, but also acousticly designed to sound, feel, & tune like real drums? 

Well, SALT was the first to take on the dreaded 50lb/62" flight baggage restrictions and deliver a 21st centry trap kit.
Orgionaly "produced" for The Phly Boyz, the SALT travel kits are designed to help you save at the ticket counter without sacurficing sound quality. Each kit saftly fits into an ATA friendly case equipt with industral casters and convient pull handle allowing you to check the acoustic rig as an economy bag.

Travel Anywhere

The SALT travel kit is changing the game  by providing convienience to both the artist, arline & those hiring you for the flyout gig. 

Designed to Excell

Crafted with premium tone woods, each kit is desgned to excell when heard upclose acapella or miced in large settings.  



Designed light light like the bones of a bird and strong enough for the road.  Each rig is designed to hold up the elements from the cold of the artic, the heat of the desert, and the houmity of the tropics. 

The ATA Trap Case 

The Hardshell case provide by the fine folks at Humes & Berg USA is equipt with industrial casters and metal pull handle.  


  • Snare / Kick  - Custom Snare & Kick drum with grapphic bass head by WoodShedStageArt  
  • Cymbal Arm - Also mounted to the snare each the cym arm will support your favoriet cymbal.
  • Kick Pedal - Solid baseplate pedal equipt with pedal bag. 
  • Snare Stand - Adjustable snare basket for maxum playing comfort. 
  • Padded Cozies - Travel with peice of mind knowing each hardware componet is equipt with a handcraftd cozy sleek enough to put a smile on the face of 007 himself. Included: Hand Sewn Cymbal/stick divider, Cym/Bass spur, & Snare Stand 
  • Add On* Hihat Attachment - Designed to attach to the snare for accasable hi-hat sounds ,each hat attachment is equipt with adjustable thumb screws allowing for an open sizle or tigh chick sounds.

Behind the Name
SALT | Orange County, California

"I was building drums for friends & playing  in Los Angeles, I was a very arrogant & insecure player. I later realized my role is to serve the music while striving to bring out the best, much like salt to a meal."
- Shawn R.


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