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"I had the privlided of leading in an aray of settings with kids church, chapples, youth retreates, & main saincatuary teams. It never failed hearing, "you are a gifted drummer & thank you for leading, but the drums are really loud". Well yes that they are, however most drums are designed to project & do need to be struck to produce a quality sound. I wanted to do design something which expressed value while addressing the needs of artist, room, & Non-Profit to eliminate the need of casting the leper to the cornor, in a box, or behind sound deflective glass."

Contemporary Collection 

Play Disctraction Free


DAVID - D1 & D2

Designed with youth in mind the 20" kick certinly delivers like a rock in a sling.

Modle D1: Maple shells are built to midsize rooms.
Modle D2: Maple Shells are built for Retreat & rooms to handle larger volume. 



Musical & sweet, the Selah series was designed to excell in the intimate setting such as a chappel where traditional Maple drums are  often overbaring.


SALT - Disciple 

Praise God With Drum & Dance! - Psalm 150:4
Designed to fill the need of the larger main sainctuary disciple.

MS1: Maple & Reinforcement Rings.
MS2: Maple/Poplar & Reinforcemrnt Rings. 

Finish Options

Natural Semi Gloss

Let God's beauity shine by highlighting the natural grain with a  semi gloss finish.    

Gloss Black

For those who want a sharp look or just desire to hid the drummer in the back, the Gloss Black is certinly a great choice.  

Gloss White

Durable Gloss White not only hides scratches but reflects stage lighting just like the moon. 

Chrome Lugs

An American Classic


Tom Tom Lugs

The briliant swivle design and smooth curves make the late era Slingerland lugs a shop favoriet. Each lug is hand stuffed making it mic friendly for live or studio use. 


Bass Drum Lugs

Just like the Tom, each Lug is hand stuffed making it friendly for live or studio Mic's. The longer and wider foot print makes each bass lug an exclient choice for heavy tension and maxmum sustain.   


Quality Claw & Rods

The classic claw is the choice at SALT for the simple function and classic vibe. All drums at SALT receive a Stainless Steel tension for simple and effective function. 

Behind the Name
SALT | Orange County, California

"I was building drums for friends & playing various charity gigs in Los Angeles, I was a very arrogant & insecure player. I later had an aha moment while eating at In-N-Out, realizing my role is to serve the music while striving to bring out the best in those I come in contact with, much like salt to a meal."
- Shawn R.


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